Videos That Provide More Information about Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation & Work-Related Injuries or Accidents


Videos About Workers Comp Medical Treatment

What Is An IME


When Can Your Own Doctor Treat A Workers Compensation Injury?


Do You Need Pre-Approval For Medical Treatment After An Injury At Work


Treatment and Benefits For Herniated Disc Injury While On The Job


How Does A Pre-Existing Injury Impact Workers Comp Benefits


What Benefits and Treatments Are You Entitled Too After An ACL or MCL Injury?


If A Work Injury Caused Scarring or Other Disfigurement, Can I Get Workers Comp Benefits?


What Is A Utilization Review Request & What Happens After You Receive It?


Videos About Compensation & Benefits

What Happens When You Get A Temporary Notice of Compensation Payable Letter in the Mail?


How Are Wrongful Death Workers Compensation Claims Handled In Pennsylvania?


When Do You Get Paid If You Are Workers Compensation


When Should You Settle Your Workers Compensation Claim?


General Question & Answer Videos

What Do You Do When Your Work Injuries Are Being Under-Reported or Falsely Reported So I Benefits The Workers Comp Insurance Company?


What To Do When You Are Assigned A Nurse Case Manager For Your Workers Compensation Claim


How Long Does A Workers Compensation Case Last?


How To Choose A Workers Comp Attorney


The Correct Way To Report Your Injury At Work


Can My Facebook Page Be Used Against Me When I’m Trying To Get Workers Comp


Can My Employer Secretly Film My Daily Activities If I Applied For Workers Compensation?


What Our Clients Say

An Employee On The Way Back To Work After Dropping Off A Delivery in Philadelphia explains what he went through after being seriously injured in an car accident.

A warehouse worker in Pennsylvania explains what happened to her after she seriously injured her shoulder and arm and tried to get workers comp.


A Forklift Operator Explains How Calhoon & Associates Helped Him Get The Benefits & Compensation He Was Entitled Too


Pennsylvania workers explain what Calhoon & Associates did for them after being seriously injured at work and how much of a difference it made in their life.


A warehouse worker in Pennsylvania details what life is like after you go on Workers Comp in Pennsylvania and how Calhoon & Associates is still helping.

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