Does My Boss Have A Say In If My injury Is Work-Related?

by admin on May 30, 2012

In short, no. When an employee (who is covered under the PA workers’ compensation act) sustains a work-related illness or injury, that employee is potentially entitled to receive Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. Employer’s are legally obligated to report any workplace injuries or illnesses to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation if the injured worker misses a shift or receives time off due to the work-related injury or illness.

Although employers are not legally allowed to determine whether an illness or injury is work-related, they can deny the claim. In this particular situation, the injured worker must file a claim petition to have a hearing to dispute the denial. In most cases, employers will retain the services of a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyer.

The legal proceedings that take place are somewhat complex, and hiring your own experienced workers’ compensation attorney is highly advised. The ultimate decision maker in regards to whether or not a worker’s injury is work-related or not is the Workers’ Compensation Judge who makes the final decision after being presented and reviewing all of the evidence, in accordance with the required legal procedures, due processes, rules of evidence, and testimony subject to cross-examination.

If you need help with a workers compensation issue, call Calhoon & Associates at 1-877-291-9675 for a free consultation and find out what you are entitled too.

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