Can My Employer or Their Insurance Company Stop Issuing Me Weekly Benefits If I Am Receiving Worker’s Compensation?

by admin on May 23, 2012

An employer (or their insurance company), under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, is not permitted to stop or alter the amount of your particular benefits unless you have specifically signed an agreement that gives them the power to do so. They can also alter or stop issuing payments if a Judge’s order allows them to, if you failed to complete requested documents in a timely manner, failed to comply with an order that required you to attend an examination or expert interview without a legitimate excuse, or have been incarcerated after a criminal conviction.

Final Receipts, Supplemental Agreements, and Stipulation Agreements are all types of particular agreements that allow an employer to stop or alter your benefits. If you, as an employee, sign one of these agreements with your employer, than your benefits will either be altered in some way or completely stopped.

A judge’s order can also permit your employer to stop or change your benefits as well. This type of order can only be issued if an employer has filed or requested for supersedes, or alternatively litigated a petition. Your benefits can also be terminated if you fail to complete and return the required forms that verify your income, physical condition, and employment.

If an employer ceases or alters the benefits if one of its employees unilaterally, or for any reason that was not mentioned above, a Judge can impose penalties of up to 50% against them for illegally suspending benefits compensation.

If you need are currently on workers compensation and are having issues receiving your benefits, contact Calhoon & Associates at 1-877-291-9675.

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