Can I Select My Own Doctor If I Sustain A Work-Related Injury?

by admin on May 21, 2012

Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, if an employer does not have an established list of medical providers, then an employee has the right to select a doctor of their choice. If an employer accepts a claim from an employee, and has an established list of at least six medical providers, Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation regulations require the employee to receive their initial treatment from a doctor on that list if they want workers’ compensation to cover the medical treatment expenses.

It is a requirement to receive treatment from an employer-posted medical care provider, or a combination of different ones from the same list, for at least 90 days starting from the initial visit date.

If the employer-sponsored doctor advises any kind of invasive surgery or treatment, the employee is permitted to seek a second opinion from another doctor of their choice, at the expense of the insurer or employer.

After 90 days has lapsed, the employee can select a new doctor that does not have to be on the employer’s list.

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