Am I Legally Entitled To Wage-Loss Benefit Payments?

by admin on May 16, 2012

According to Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation law, if an employee sustains an injury on the job and is rendered unable to work, they may be entitled to wage loss benefits. What these benefits do is provide compensation for a worker who has had a loss of income stemming from an injury at the workplace. Wage loss benefits may be given to the equivalent of two-thirds of an employee’s weekly wage, although the total amount is not allowed to go over the maximum limit established by PA law.

The specific amount that you will receive depends on the offset in accordance to the amount of Social Security benefits received, severance, the employer paid part of a retirement plan, and any compensation for unemployment.

An injured worker can be eligible for wage loss benefits if the sustained disability remains for a period longer than one calendar week. After having missed work for at least fourteen days, a worker is eligible to receive a retroactive payment for the first seven days of missed employment. The first wage loss check is sent twenty one days from the day that the worker began missing work.

Wage loss benefits are not set in stone, they can become altered if you become an active employee again. If you secure a position that pays the same wage that you got before your injury, then wage loss benefit payments will cease. If you return to employment but earn a smaller amount than you did before the injury, than PA law requires a reduction of your wage loss benefits. Injured employees are eligible to receive partial disability payments for a maximum period of 500 weeks.

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