What Is Workers’ Compensation?

by admin on May 15, 2012

Workers’ compensation is a Pennsylvanian-mandated no-fault insurance program that is financed by employers. An employee who has sustained a work-related injury, illness, or disease is eligible for coverage that provides compensation and medical benefits. According to the PA Workers’ Compensation Act, an injury at work is defined as “any hurtful or damaging effect which may be suffered by anyone”.

Because the insurance program is considered to be “no fault”, it does not matter whether the employee or employer is at fault for the injury. This essentially means that in most cases, an employee cannot sue his or her employer for loss of health and other benefits, compensation, or suffering.

Under Pennsylvania law, if an employer has at least one employee, workers’ compensation insurance is a requirement. There are certain types of workers that do not need to have coverage purchased. These include volunteers, domestics, casual, executives who have given up coverage, sole proprietors, federal civilian employees, railroad workers, agricultural laborers, longshoremen, and harbor/shipyard workers. If an employer does not have workers’ compensation for their covered employees, they are in violation of the law. Employers who fail to insure their employees are commonly convicted in criminal court.

Employees who have been injured on the job are legally entitled to wage loss compensation and medical treatment compensation. Surviving dependents of a worker who is deceased are also potentially entitled to death benefits too.

If you need help with workers compensation benefits, give Calhoon and Associates a call at 1-877-291-9675.

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