The Basics of Disability Benefits By A Pennsylvania Social Security Lawyer

by admin on March 28, 2012

Social Security Disability can cover a broad range of different cases, including injuries that did not occur on the job. If you have been rendered unable to work by a medical condition such as cancer, heart disease, back injury, etc. than an experienced attorney may be able to help you. Anything that prevents you from having a “substantial gain from employment” for at least one year can potentially qualify you to receive benefits.

As Ron Calhoon, a social security lawyer from Pennsylvania explains that there aren’t any hearings at the initial case level, but if you do happen to be denied, than you can appeal your case and present it before an administrative judge.

The kinds of cases are processed by Social Security Administration and can be unique as well as complicated. If you have missed employment because of a personal injury, we may be able to help in securing you benefits.

At Calhoon & Associates, we have helped many workers receive the money that they are legally entitled to. Call our offices today at 877-291-9675 for a free evaluation of your case by an experienced PA Social Security Disability lawyer.

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