What is an “Independent Medical Evaluation”?

by admin on March 21, 2012

Employers and Insurance companies are entitled by the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act to have injured workers examined by a doctor of their own choosing every six months, at a reasonable time and location. This is called an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME). The medical fees are taken care of by the workers’ compensation insurance company. The IME doctor will review your medical history and records, and then conduct a brief exam.

The doctor is allowed to recommend testing and procedures that are not invasive or intrusive, and require no more than a minimal amount of risk. You can bring a friend or relative to the IME, but you are not allowed to videotape the examination without the consent of the doctor.

If you do not attend an IME, then the insurance company has the right to file a petition to stop your benefits until you do so. There are certain things that one should and should not do during this medical examination. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier is required to pay for any travel expenses that are necessary for you to attend the IME.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your workers’ compensation benefits, call Calhoon & Associates at 877-291-9675 to have an experienced Pennsylvania workers compensation attorney provide you with more information.

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